Consultation and Instruction

Home Page personnel possess over 20 years of experience with IBM compatible and Apple / MacIntosh based applications. These include:

Operating Systems
DOS / Windows 3.1 & 3.11
Windows 95
Windows 98
Windows NT 4.0 - Server & Workstation
Windows 2000 - Server & Workstation
Windows XP - Home & Professional
Mac - X
DOS / Windows Applications
Microsoft Office 95, 97, 2000 & XP
Microsoft Excel
Microsoft Word
Microsoft PowerPoint
Microsoft Publisher
Microsoft Visual FoxPro
Microsoft Access
Symantec Works
Sigma Plot
Thumbs Plus
Borland Paradox
  DOS & Windows
Cold Fusion Professional Server
Cold Fusion Studio
Lotus Freelance
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Acrobat
Web Browsers
Netscape/Communicator, MS Internet Explorer, & Mosaic
Microsoft Exchange
Microsoft Outlook Express
Microsoft Outlook
LView Pro
And many, many more

The Home Page can advise you or your organization how you can use such application to increase productivity and decrease cost, whether it relates to managing your inventories and accounts, desktop publishing, or data archiving and/or distribution (e.g., tapes and CD).