Database Design & Implementation

The Home Page can design and implement databases custom tailored to fit your specific needs. Typical applications for databases are inventory control, customer orders, patient and/or financial records, or any combination of these. The Home Page can bring your organization over 15 years of experience in database design, management, and implementation, including proficiency in Paradox, Microsoft Visual FoxPro, and Access.

Over the past several years, interaction with databases via a web browser has become very useful and powerful tool for organization to permit their prospective clients to browse company inventories or information databases (e.g., music CDs, videos, auto parts, articles, libraries, etc.). Home Page personnel have experience with interacting and updating such databases via a web browser utilizing Microsoft SQL, Allaire Cold Fusion, and Microsoft Active Server Pages.

If this sounds like a tool that could benefit your organization, then get in touch with a Home Page professional to discuss Web Interactive Databases. We will be happy to give you all of the details how this technique can benefit your organization.

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